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The Philosophy of Green Heart 


Green Heart Native Landscapes is a South Bay company that is focused on saving you water as well as contributing to our local environment. We specialize in landscape designs and consultations, as well as vegetable/herb gardens. We strive to bring you the joy of having your own beautiful, low maintenance landscape filled with various local species that used to thrive here hundreds of years ago. This is their home, and our goal is to help bring them back. 

Why Native Plants are the Right Choice for Your Yard



By nature, native plants are community-oriented. They work together to support each other and once they are established in your yard they are stable, reliable, and low maintenance. If you share some of your yard with the local plants, they will surely delight you and enhance your yard for years to come. 

Native Insects

Discover the variety of California Native butterflies that you could share your landscape with!

Contact Us

Owner: Bill Petitt     South Bay, CA  (310) 405- 3931

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